The Complete R & R Difference

A Premier Remodeling Experience

With so many Snoqualmie remodelers to choose from we understand that choosing the right contractor for your next project can be a difficult process. While we understand selecting a remodeler that meets your budget is primarily the most important factor, there are many other things to consider when finalizing your decision. We have found that most budget remodelers will often cut corners and use low quality materials in order to save a buck and make a profit. When starting the process of remodeling home, you need to be certain that the quality of work and materials that are used on your project has the ability to last a lifetime. At Complete Remodeling and Restoration we offer the people of Snoqualmie a premier remodeling experience from start to finish.

With over a decade of experience, our Snoqualmie remodelers will work closely with you to make sure that you are able to make the vision for your home remodel to reality. We guarantee that the highest quality of work and the finest materials in the industry while also meeting your budget needs as well. Our in-house design team can even help you finalized those tricky parts of your home that you need help designing. If you are looking for a premier remodeling experience give us a call today and we would be happy to offer you a free estimate for your next project.

Design Options Available

Are you ready to tackle your next big remodeling project but need help finalizing your design? One of the unique benefits that separate us from other contractors and Snoqualmie remodelers is our in-house design options. If you need help coming up with ideas for your next project, visit our Gallery page to see all of our latest creations that we have designed. With our track record and years of experience we can help you finalize the design for your home by offering a new unique perspective but you may have not thought of prior to working with us. While many other design + build companies charge thousands for design consultations and subcontract through a third party design firm, we include design consultations in our packages, all done in house. If you are ready to begin the home remodeling process but need some help perfecting your design, we would be happy to help you!

Highest Quality Labor + Materials

Our Snoqualmie remodelers team not only has decades of experience, we also implement the highest quality labor and finest craftsmanship combined with the best materials in the business. Over the years we have established special relationships with many local vendors and fine craftsmen to make sure that we can always deliver first-class materials on every single project. We always aim to ensure the work we do for you has the timeless quality to last a lifetime which is why we only work with the best for your home. Our reputation and unique value we bring to the marketplace is largely because of the quality of work and exceptional materials that we use. The best thing about our approach is that we don’t price gouge our customers to receive this level of quality and craftsmanship. If you’re ready to have your dream kitchen, bathroom, basement, or even full house remodel come to life give our team a call today.

Clean & Organized

Have you ever worked with aContractor or Snoqualmie remodelers that was not able to stay clean and organized on their job sites? we have found one of the biggest reasons why people do not move forward with their tree remodeling project is because of the mess and Hassell associated with taking on a project like this. Staying consistent with our value of excellence and integrity, we make sure that the job site stays extremely clean and organized throughout the entire process. We understand that it’s never fun having Snoqualmie remodelers come in and out of your home well totally restoring and remodeling parts of your house. We make this process extremely easy for you to handle by taking close attention to our cleanliness and overall organization, it is our goal to make sure that you stay comfortable while we work in your home do all that we can to create a stress-free environment so that you can see your vision come to life as quickly as possible. If you are curious about the levels of cleanliness and organization that we can bring to your next project please give us a call and we’d be happy to get started.


Aside from the actual purchase price of your home we have found that a remodeling project is often the biggest investment someone will ever put into their home. With such a large investment we understand that things can get tight financially when working with a contractor or Snoqualmie remodelers. At Complete Home Remodeling and Restoration we make sure to protect you from a financial precarious situation that other contractors often cause. Unlike most remodelers, we carefully track every single expense on your project to make sure that we’re always meeting your budget. Furthermore, once we start your project we will not increase the price due to unforeseen complications the other contractors claim to run into. We understand that the contracting industry has a negative reputation largely due to many contractors inability to follow through with a price they originally quoted the customer. We guarantee you’ll never experience this with Complete Remodeling & Restoration.

Consistent Communication

One of the best parts about working with our Snoqualmie remodelers team is the way that we keep in communication with our customers. We have multiple team members that can assist you on your project and we always make sure that you stay up-to-date on the progress we make. Our consistent communication is one of the biggest reasons why people love working with us. We understand that home remodels are big projects and we want to make sure that you never feel like you don’t understand the next step or feel dark about the project status. Give us a call to schedule your first free estimate to learn why our consistent communication makes such a big difference.